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Looking For A Piano Teacher In Newport? I Can Help.


Child Learning to play the pianoNeed a Newport Piano Tutor?  Then Hello and a warm welcome to my website. My name is Linda Stevens and I am an experienced Piano Tutor based in the Maindee area, NP, South Wales. Music has always been an enormous part of my life and has given me immense enjoyment. I first began studying piano at the age of nine and from the age of sixteen, have given piano instruction to both adults and children.

While completing my performer’s letters at University, I was asked to give lessons to other students.  As a teacher, I realised how much I enjoyed both teaching the piano and seeing how much my students enjoyed learning. Since then, I have been teaching the piano for many years. My current pupils range in age from as young as 6 up to 76 and I am familiar with the techniques that both need in order to succeed.

Over the years, I have given solo recitals at University and subsequently played for many theatre shows. I am also trained as an accompanist where I have had many experiences with vocalists and instrumentalists alike both for examinations and at Music Festivals. In my spare time, I am an organist in my local Newport church where I am regularly called upon to play for services, weddings and funerals.

With children in mind, I am CRB checked and currently teach Music as part of the National Curriculum in a local Newport area primary school.

My Piano Teaching Philosophy

I believe that first and foremost Music should give pleasure to those who study it and eventually, a sense of confidence and accomplishment in their own abilities to perform. Being able to play the piano is a life skill that, I believe, will never be wasted. I have never met anyone who has ever regretted taking lessons. Indeed, it is a valuable asset which can open many doors in life.

Although formal exams are not essential for good progress in pianoforte playing, I normally enter children (and adults) for public examinations with The
Associated Board of the Royal School of Music
. I pride myself in my consistently high success rates. I teach practical lessons up to Grade 8 and beyond and Music Theory up to Grade 5.

I have a number of local students who started with me at a young age and have gone on to achieve high standards in pianoforte playing. If you have an interest in the piano and would like to start lessons I would be delighted to help you reach your goal.  Alternatively, if you already have some knowledge of this instrument and would like to develop it further I would love to hear from you.