Frequently Asked Questions about my Piano Lessons

Q: Is regular practice necessary to make good progress when learning?.

A: Yes. Whether adult or younger learner it is vital that the student practises between lessons. I provide guidance on which areas to concentrate on. Regular practice is both necessary and a sign of commitment to achieve the best results. The majority of my committed pupils all practice regularly, progress well and enjoy the guidance given in the lessons.

Q: Do teaching fees change?

A: Yes, fees can increase but rarely and in small increments as a rule. The standard fee is £14.00 per half hour for new students and compares very well with half-hour tuition fees from other qualified and experienced teachers in the Cardiff and Newport area.

Q: Can I take a break of several weeks and still keep my place?

A: Yes, this can be arranged though if more than 2 weeks I do ask for a small retainer fee to keep the place open. Demand is very high throughout the year so, generally, I do not like to keep a place open for more than 6 weeks.  Please discuss to arrange if you require a break.

Q: Can I learn to play for my own interest or must I sit examinations?

A: You can learn to play to whatever level you wish to achieve. This can range from playing for your own satisfaction through to formal examination. I tailor individual learning to the student’s requirements and am happy to discuss your own aspirations.