Newport Childrens Piano Lessons

Piano Tuition For Young Students

Young Girls Student Learning PianoWhen teaching a child how to play the piano it is vital that they understand the importance of regular practice. I usually spend a fair amount of time looking at the keys of the piano and studying its layout. As the child becomes familiar with the keyboard layout, we then approach music notation.

Very young children enjoy experimenting with low and high sounds on the piano. For a time, this is a very natural thing to do. Many are also fascinated with the pedals. Once the mechanics of the piano are understood, most children are ready to settle into more formal lessons.

I usually introduce finger numbers at this stage. We also begin scale practice which is a way of improving suppleness and teaching children how easy it can be to travel across the keyboard without getting their hands into awkward positions. Most children relate easily to finger numbers while they are getting ready to read music notation. All my lessons are supported with a study of Music Theory up to Grade 5 which is necessary if children wish to progress to a more advanced level of pianoforte playing.

As a music Teacher in Newport, I am known for specialising in high-quality Children’s piano tuition. Please contact me for more information if you are interested in your Child beginning or resuming Piano lessons.