Oliver (December 2018)

'I like my lessons very much, Miss always makes it fun. Miss has taught me to play lots of cool songs. I can now read music. I am very grateful for my lessons and I can’t wait for the next lesson!'

Oliver's Dad (December 2018)

'Oliver really enjoys his piano lessons and has really picked it up better than we thought! Not only has he begun to learn a new life skill but his academic skills have improved in school during this time. He now concentrates for longer periods and tries to do better with his work overall. Every time he comes from his lesson, he has a beaming smile and something new to play to us! Linda has brought out the best from our son and we very much look forward to the great work continuing! Thank you!'

Kate (November 2018)

'Every lesson I have attended so far has been beneficial to my music studies, especially the music theory'

Beth's Gran (April 2017)

'I was looking for a pianist to give my Grandaughter guidance for an audition she is about to take, which requires her to sing to a piano, which she has never done. The first place I looked was the internet and came across Linda who is a Piano teacher.  I rang her on the off chance she could help and although she stipulated she was not a singing teacher, she was willing to help.  This she certainly has done. Nothing has been too much trouble for her and my Grandaughter has benefitted enormously.  Thank you, Linda, for all the help and advice you have given'

Beth (April 2017)

'Linda has helped me prepare for an upcoming singing audition. She has given me confidence and with her vast musical knowledge, I feel ready to meet the challenge.  Above all I went to Linda not knowing her or what to expect and extremely nervous but I needn't have worried as she is so welcoming, helpful, kind and understanding'

Lucy’s Mum & Dad (Oct 2016)

‘We are very pleased with the progress that Lucy has made with Mrs Stevens. She really enjoys her lessons which are fun and professional.’

Lucy (Oct 2016)

‘I really enjoy piano lessons with Mrs Stevens. I’ve learnt a lot from them and I know and I know how to play the piano well now and I find it really fun.’

Harry’s Mum (Sept 2016)

‘Harry enjoys going to piano lessons and is making great progress in a short period of time. Mrs Stevens tailors the teaching to keep Harry interested and excited. We would highly recommend Mrs Stevens to any parent considering lessons.’

Harry (Sept 2016)

‘Mrs Stevens is always helpful and kind because she lets me miss a week if I have somewhere to go. I like doing scales. I worked out the chorus of a hymn and showed her. The next week she had written it out for me to learn’.

Sarah (Sept 2016)

‘I have been a student of Linda for just over a year and have progressed very well in that time, completing both Grade 1 & 2 to distinction level. Previous to Linda I taught myself. I found that having a lesson each week helped me focus. It gives the opportunity for me to practise and for Linda to iron out any mistakes/bad habits before they become too embedded. Linda is a marvellous teacher. She is extremely well qualified and has a keen ear. She is kind but always fair in her feedback. I thoroughly enjoy my lessons and know I would not be progressing so well if it weren’t for Linda’s support and guidance’

Andri’s Mum (May 2015)

‘My daughter has been having piano lessons with Mrs Stevens for the last 2 years. She always looks forward to her lesson which she finds very enjoyable. She has progressed really well’.

Andri (May 2015)

‘My piano lesson is really good because my teacher helps me whenever I need help and she gives me good comments as I do the piece I play.  She helps me to learn different music pieces and helps me prepare for exams. She is a really helpful teacher. I really enjoy my piano lesson’.

Amelie’s Mum & Dad (Mar 2015)

‘It is a pleasure to see Amelie’s smile each time we pick her up from piano. She has come on in leaps and bounds since joining Mrs Stevens and we couldn’t be more pleased with her progress!’.

Amelie (Mar 2015)

‘I like Mrs Stevens’s teaching because she gets straight on with the grades and doesn’t muck about. She gives me confidence when taking my exams. I am really enjoying piano lessons’.

Janet (Jan 2015)

‘Music has always played a significant role in my life, giving me great pleasure. On my retirement, I found the time to revive my very basic piano skills. Linda has rekindled my enthusiasm for the Piano. She is an incredible teacher, patient, encouraging, knowledgeable, passionate about her subject, with the ability to inspire and instil confidence. I have derived so much pleasure from the lessons, my only regret is that I did not start these sooner!.  I would not hesitate to recommend Linda as a piano teacher’.


‘As an adult learner, I was nervous and a little apprehensive when I started Piano lessons with Linda. Now, however, I am really enjoying the experience and have benefited from Linda’s wonderful tuition and teaching. I am making progress and enjoying playing different pieces and improving my music theory as well. I can thoroughly recommend it!

Lilli’s Mum

‘Lilli has been really enjoying her piano lessons with Mrs Stevens. I can really see her progress’.


‘I have really enjoyed coming to piano, I have got more confident each time’.


‘Linda’s (Mrs Stevens) ability to teach 60 year + pupils is quite exceptional. She realises that as beginners these pupils need to experience a modicum of success fairly quickly and her selection of music reflects this. She has a natural talent for bringing out the best in her pupils and her firm but fair approach together with a sense of humour ensures that learning the piano at 60 + is fun’.

Carl and Jessica’s Wedding 

‘We had Linda playing at St John’s Church, Llandenny when we got married there in August 2013. We couldn’t have chosen a better or more professional pianist. Linda was more than happy to play the music we selected and was very helpful with recommendations on tempo and sound. Linda was very accommodating of our needs and played beautifully. She is very talented and we would highly recommend her services. A five star performer and it didn’t break the bank either. Thank you so much.’ Carl & Jessica – August 2013′

Isobel’s Mum

‘My daughter has really progressed since she has had lessons with Mrs Stevens, more than with previous teachers. Mrs Stevens has definitely sparked my daughters enjoyment of playing’


‘Mrs Stevens is a very kind and brilliant piano teacher. I always enjoy going to her lessons and I feel that I have been making really good progress. I am always pushed to the best of my ability and some day I hope to be as good at piano as her’.


‘I love piano with Mrs Stevens. She is lovely and very patient with me. She Makes the piano enjoyable. She helps me when I’m stuck or unable to understand my theory / sight-reading. She encourages me a lot’.


‘Thanks to my piano lessons I have now achieved Grade 4 in piano. I enjoy my piano because each time I go to a lesson I know I can expect to learn something new. Over the few years I’ve been going I have improved a great deal and progressed through my grades. Mrs Stevens is very encouraging, friendly and patient especially with my sight-reading!’.

Alex and Gabrielle’s Mum

‘Both of my children look forward to their piano lessons with Mrs Stevens. They have made excellent progress in their practical and theoretical skills. Mrs Stevens is a reliable, patient and approachable teacher who puts the children at ease so that they can develop their playing to the best of their ability’.


‘I really enjoy my piano lessons, Mrs Stevens explains things well and is always really helpful. She is always very encouraging when I am playing piano’.

Rebecca’s Mum, Sue

‘Mrs Stevens immediately made Rebecca feel at ease throughout her lesson. Encouraging and praising to instil the confidence she requires to achieve her targets’.

Grace’s Mum, Vicky

‘Both my children enjoy their piano lessons with Mrs Stevens and can’t wait for the next lesson to come around.  Mrs Stevens keeps me informed of their progress after every lesson’.


Mrs Stevens is patient and friendly. I enjoy coming to piano lessons’.


‘Mrs Stevens is a lovely woman who I have learned so much from. I have progressed through Grades with her help and couldn’t ask for a better teacher’.

Lily’s Mum

‘Our daughter has spent many happy years under Mrs Stevens’s tutelage. She has made superb progress and continues to enjoy the lessons, which remain remarkably good value for money’.


‘I go to piano lessons and they are very good because it is fun and I like to play the piano in the morning to wake everyone up for school. I also enjoy playing the piano after school to cheer them up.  The reason I like piano lessons most is because Mrs Stevens is such a good and fun teacher and also because I know that if I practise something enough I get very very good at it!’

Jessica’s Mum

‘My daughter started going for piano lessons over two years ago and loves going every week.  She has obtained a distinction in her Grade 1 theory paper and plays with real enthusiasm and confidence. This is testament to Mrs Stevens wonderful teaching. She has a calm, encouraging approach which puts her pupils at ease instantly.  I feel my daughter is extremely lucky to have her as a piano teacher. I am also very pleased with the lesson fees and find them very reasonable compared to some other piano lessons I have seen advertised’.