Teaching Philosophy

How I Teach

My Lessons

I believe that first and foremost Music should give pleasure to those who study it and eventually, a sense of confidence and accomplishment in the ability to perform. Being able to play the piano is a life skill that, I believe, will never be wasted.  Indeed, it is a valuable asset which can open many doors in life.

Although formal exams are not essential for good progress in pianoforte playing, I normally enter children (and adults if they wish) for public examinations with The Associated Board of the Royal School of Music. I pride myself in my consistently high success rates. I teach practical lessons up to Grade 8 and beyond and Music Theory up to Grade 5.


Learning With Me

My Students

I have a number of students who started with me at a young age and have gone on to achieve high standards in pianoforte playing.

If you have an interest in the piano and would like to start lessons, I would be delighted to help you reach your goal.  Alternatively, if you already have some knowledge of this instrument and would like to develop it further, I would love to hear from you.