Piano Vs Keyboard

The Piano

Acoustic Piano

The piano is an acoustic instrument with weighted keys. Pushing down these keys helps to build up finger strength which can enhance the player’s technique. When piano notes are played the enharmonics give a rich sound unique to the piano. This is because the piano has strings which vibrate in harmony with the notes being played. This doesn’t happen on a keyboard. Traditional piano lessons involve learning two different sets of notes, one set for each hand. You also learn how to vary tone through touch. The word “pianoforte” means an instrument which can play both soft (piano) and loud (forte).

A low-cost electronic keyboard has unweighted keys. Keyboards are generally easy to accommodate in the average home due to their lightness and compact size . You can change sounds and instruments on a keyboard. You can also play along with backing tracks which is good for timing skills. Playing the keyboard encourages very precise playing of notes.


Digital Pianos

Electronic Keyboards

It’s a personal view but, in my opinion, there is less artistry in learning to play the keyboard. Therefore, I personally recommend a pianoforte and not an electronic keyboard for learning this instrument.

Compromise – The Digital Piano

A digital piano is touch-sensitive and has weighted keys. Learning to play the piano (at least in the early stages) on a digital keyboard is more acceptable than learning to play on a keyboard, in my opinion. A digital piano is designed to emulate the sound and feel of an acoustic piano. It may incorporate a few digital effects and is more portable around the home. It is a reasonable compromise where a pianoforte is not available or affordable.