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My Terms For Tuition


Terms and Conditions


School Holidays

Pupils have two choices regarding piano lessons during school holidays.

  • I am happy to continue to teach piano during the school holidays
  • Alternatively, pupils can choose to have a break during school holidays and still retain their place.

Payment of Fees

Payment can be made for up to 10 lessons in advance or on a monthly, block of 4 basis.

All payments must be made by bank transfer.

Blocks of lessons must be paid for in advance, no later than 24 hours before the first lesson to which they apply.
For block bookings, I will always notify you in writing (either by email or text) when the next payment is due.

Please note that I do not accept cash payment.

Arrival and Departure

Punctuality for lessons is most important. For health and safety reasons I would not leave a child waiting on the street so if parents could be prompt in picking up their child, it is much appreciated. I do ask pupils and accompanying parents to remove footwear when coming into my piano studio. Easily removable footwear is therefore helpful.

Food and Drink

I ask politely that no food or drink is brought into the music studio.


Parking is normally available outside my home or very nearby. There are currently no parking restrictions or charges.

 Music Books for Lessons

Students will be required to purchase printed music books.  I will advise which books are required for pupils at different stages of tuition. Most can be purchased through Amazon. However, if it proves difficult to obtain a recommended book(s), I am happy to make the purchase and receive payment the following week.

Piano Practice and Theory Homework

It is vital that time is made available to practise between lessons. Between 10 and 15 minutes every day is a good routine to establish. In the higher grades, the practice sessions may need to be up to 45 minutes per day. If written homework (theory) is set, it is in the child’s interest to complete the task ready for the next lesson. If a student is not practising between lessons this will quickly become apparent to me and I will bring it to the attention of student or parent.  I would then expect to see a positive change. If this is not the case then the student’s place may be reviewed.

Non-Attendance and Lesson Cancellation Policy

 The current policy for missed lessons is that one absence is allowable without payment, per pupil, per half –term (approximately 6 weeks). This includes both sickness and planned absences.

Any subsequent non-attendance must be paid for in full unless there are exceptional circumstances which I am happy to discuss on an individual basis.

If lessons do have to be cancelled, I would appreciate at least 24 hours’ notice. I accept the need to allow for the fact that sometimes children are taken ill in school and last-minute cancellation of lessons is unavoidable. However, I will discuss a pattern of repeated absences with the student or parent should such a situation occur.

Last Updated 5th April 2021


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